Welcome to MYZ-UNO, Andhra Pradesh's First & Biggest Micro-Brewery.Myz -Uno is the place to share your experience with freshly brewed Beer, Music & Food !

We are the best in this field

“Myz-Uno”, the name represents the first (UNO) beer brewed out of Maize (MYZ) for Andhra Pradesh, and logo is designed to suit the antique theme. We will serve the Premium quality beer fresh from tank to tap to glass, cutting out need for kegs, cask or bottling. The six flavored beers – Lemon, Chocolate, Ginger, Ale, Cider and Mint will be additive and chemical-free, unfiltered, and unpasteurized and will be dispensed from six 300 liter tanks.

We are the best in this field

The 250-seat brewery will also feature the gastronomical dining that captures the essence of 7 different state cuisines, Continental, Chinese and “Live” wood fried Pizzas with more than 250+ dish choices.

Founder's Note

MYZ-UNO caters to the world of Families to spend a refreshing time having delicious food ( 250+ Dishes), Enjoying Musical nights, dancing to the enthralling tunes.“Our goal is to become the solo destination spot for all occasions-a quick bite after work, Parties, romantic dates, family celebrations.”

  • founder
    Rasagna Dharmana
  • cofounder
    Bharath Kamma

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