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Guest DJ'S at MYZ-UNO

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8 Sep
DJ Nilashree, A DJ by profession trained under one of the top Dj/producers in eastern India, Dj Raj Roy from Casablanca Studios.Well known for her Bollywood & commercial tunes, she can make the crowd go berserk with her wild beats.
dj nila
31 Dec
Dj Ritika, a passionate and optimistic Dj from Mumbai had turned her career from Biotechnology to pursue her never-ending passion for music at a very young age. Her humble disposition and the general aura of positivity led her to win many hearts across India. She keeps her ever-expanding, nocturnal following alert, ecstatic and craving for more attitude with remarkable precision and skill.
dj ritika
9 Mar
Dj Tishya, a stunning Dj performer from Kolkata, comes up with her vibrant love and passion for playing music with an electrifying potential, and the spark in her confidence levels makes her better than the best. Her ability to get hands-on in different genres of music such as progressive house, commercial house, tech, world music, Rock & Retro etc. has charmed the audience hearts and moved their bodies.
dj tishya
23 March
Ruhi Bhardwaj, well known as DJ Ruhi is a Mumbai fashion model and an optimistic actress who is driven with fiery wit into style. She has a profound skill set in dance, acting, grooming, self-discipline, fitness, and travel. Music is what she breathes, eats and sleeps and her goal is to make the whole world move to her beats one day.
20 April
DJ Maana, a proficient DJ from the city of joy, Kolkata has started her career under DJ Mansur at a very early age. Her inexhaustible spirit to constantly discover new and enthralling music for her listeners, coupled with her vibrant energy for first-rate music, have ensured that the force of this passion of her life is conveyed to one and all. She has the skill of being able to play any instrument that comes across her path and is open to diverse sounds.
1 June
Dj KD belle, a renowned DJ from Hyderabad who switched her career from a fitness expert to rock the music. KD Belle is a true DJ by heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of Dance music same as Bollywood and other genres. Everywhere she goes, her infectious energy, fearless personal style, deep love and understanding for the music precedes her.
13 July
DJ Merlin, the popular Dj from Kolkata works in the music industry, playing at clubs and festivals. She had expertise across many genres, most commonly in the Dance, Hip-Hop & Bollywood fields. She successfully managed to pull the crowd with her tremendous energy and rapturous rhythms. Her degree of passion, determination and commitment towards her profession had gained her huge fame and popularity over the years.
4 August
Dj Pooja, an eminent DJ from Pune has started her career in music at a very early stage and became famous over time. She's a resident DJ and sound producer at Club Palazo, Pune. Playing multiple genres with absolute perfection, she was loved by the people for her tremendous energy. She played in the best pubs, clubs and festivals all over India making the crowd cheer for her thunderous beats.
31 August
Having known as one of the most versatile DJ's of Delhi, DJ Zuby is capable of spinning various types of genres in electronic music. With her passion for the craft, she has performed at various national and international events all over the globe.
14 Sep
Popularly known as the 'only lady Dj' in Gujarat and the youngest lady DJ pan India, Dj Hims has been into deejaying and production for more than 5 years. She has many of the Bollywood tracks to her name and has been labelled with India's leading corporation such as AIDC and 4DJ's.
19 Oct
DJ Nilashree, A DJ by profession trained under one of the top Dj/producers in eastern India, Dj Raj Roy from Casablanca Studios.Well known for her Bollywood & commercial tunes, she can make the crowd go berserk with her wild beats.
31 Dec
The Uno party 2020 wouldn't have been complete without DJ Shanon. Her versatility in playing a wide range of genres such as Bollywood, Punjabi and hip hop has entertained our guests endlessly throughout the party. Being a Delhi based disc jockey, she is capable enough to make any event memorable with her exclusive music.

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